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Everything you need to know about the video in print pioneers that started a video revolution.

Devin and Jen Herz

Welcome to the PrintAVizion Experience!

Devin and Jen Herz dedicate their creativity and proven tactics to help successful businesses become more successful!

With 35 combined years as leaders in the marketing industry, the founders of PrintAVizion and Dynamic Marketing Consultants, Devin & Jen have built a world-class marketing team of experts to make every aspect of your project remarkable. The teams unique approach to develop campaigns that disrupt will help you elevate response rates and instantly set you apart from your competition. 

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Devin Herz


Jen Herz


Joseph Rowe

Lead Designer

Crystal Reed

Project Director

Allyn Rose

Marketing Strategist

Holly Bryant

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Deeba Sameer

Social Media Manager

What is PrintAVizion?

PrintAVizion is the most effective marketing technology on the planet that allows thin LCD screens to be built into just about anything. Video in Print products such as Video Brochures, hardbound Video Books, Video Postcards and even Video Business Cards can combine video, audio, and print to reach and WOW your target audience.

Stand out from the competition.

If you’re a business owner or if you sell anything to anyone… you’re likely always looking for new ways to make a serious impact in a world overloaded with marketing. PrintAVizion combines tried and true direct marketing methods with new-age video technology to highlight your message and make it stand out from the crowd.

We're Not Ones to Brag, Our Client's Do It For Us!

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