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Our video folder collaboration with the Atlanta Hawks played a pivotal role in fundraising efforts to feed underprivileged families. This impactful initiative successfully raised funds to serve a million meals, making a profound difference in the lives of those in need. Through our innovative video folder, we contributed to a cause that aimed to create positive change, emphasizing our commitment to making a meaningful impact within our communities.

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Look no further! PrintAVizion is your go-to partner for cutting-edge video marketing solutions. We’re not just another run-of-the-mill product pusher; we’re the pioneers who have been shaping the video mailer landscape & outrageous direct marketing campaigns since 2005.

Video-In-Print FAQs

We estimate a 25-day turnaround from approval of final artwork on most orders due to the production process and our thorough quality control. Please advise us if you have a specific deadline and we will let you know what the best options are. We’ve never missed a deadline that we’ve accepted.
Of course! Plug these players into your PC or USB wall plug (charge cords are always included, plugs are additional) and within about 2-3 hours your video player will be fully charged. Charge varies depending on climate, play time, and other variables. When playing continually, the battery generally lasts for 2-3 hours. If on the shelf, charge may last months or even longer. We aim to deliver your players fully charged and always recommend you check you charge before implementing.
Absolutely! We would compare it to removing or adding files from a thumb drive or external hard drive. Simply plug the player into your PC with the supplied micro-USB cord and the folder will pop up. Make sure your video files are the correct MP4 format and the correct resolution prior to loading then copy and paste the file into the folder called Video and then boom, you have new videos on your PrintAVizion player. View Video Loading Instruction Sheet
If you have your own design team, no problem! We will provide you with a design template so you can set up your design accordingly. If not, we have your back - we are backed by an award-winning marketing team  to design and even help you write copy for your PrintAVizion project.
Many clients supply their own video(s). However, we offer on-location professional video shoots, professional video editing and video strategies to make this a painless task.
We are well equipped to provide shipping, addressing, hand assembly, and vibrant packaging solutions on mailings of 30 contacts or more!
Not all video players are created equally! If you value lower cost over quality, then gambling on an overseas purchase might pay off. However, we will warn you that ordering from unknown manufacturers can sometimes result in more stress, time and money. The PrintAVizion team has been working with this technology for over 15 years as one of the pioneers to bring it to the USA. Our clients are more important to us than anything, that is why we use the highest quality components, state-of-the-art printing and guarantee our work. With over 500,000 units sold, we know what we are doing. and pride ourselves on providing you a remarkable experience.
Choices of style, size, quantities and custom options ultimately dictate the cost. Build Your Project to See Accurate Pricing With your marketing goals and ROI opportunity at the forefront of our conversations, we can guide you through the best solutions to make your effort a success. We are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive, and there is a major reason for this. Past customers agree, product quality and the level of customer service we provide is second to none, giving you the best overall value, the least amount of stress, and a stellar final product.

Discover how our clients are CRUSHING IT with Video Players by PrintAVizion

NFL Hall of Fame Touchdown

The NFL enshrinement ceremony is a special event that required a special way to inform their guests about exciting things to come.

Raising Real Estate Investments

Wealth Hospitality uses hardcover Video Books to educate and attract investors to their properties.

Take Your Breath Away

Dynamic Air Quality Control multiplies equipment sales with the use of their hardcover Video Book.

Financially This Makes Sense

Wilbert Hamilton implements Video Books into his sales process to provide prospects insight about the benefits of working with him.

Luxury Book for Luxury Sheets

Sheex utilizes PrintAVizion for different initiatives. From promoting their products to using it as a point of sales tool in 500 Matress Firms, video in print has been a very comfortable solution.

O Brother Where Art Thou?

Brother printers turned to PrintAVizion Video Brochures & Video Boxes to educate potential clients about their new mobile printer technology.

Increased from 10% to 50% Close Rate

Dust Free simplified their sales training by moving it online and coupled it with the Video Brochure for the engineers. The growth of sales presentations has been exponential!

Video Brochures Guilty of Increasing Business

Whether it’s used to educate a client about their case or generate more referral opportunities, Fulmer Sill Law Firm presents a clear case on why their Video Books work.

Rock the Recession

Get ready to ROCK clients socks off! Jonathan Slain took his Video Brochure on tour with him last year, and boy it paid off!

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Grab Your Audience by the Eyeballs with Industry Leading Video Products from the Pioneers!

#1 Sports Sales Tool

PrintAVizion offers different applications for using your video in printed marketing materials!

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