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Slide Caring and Professional Realtor with 10 years experience About LaVonda Hardy Specialties: Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Investor's agent, Staging

I began my real estate career immediately after the Real Estate crash of 2007-08. It was a very challenging time to be Realtor because no one knew exactly where the bottom of the market was and for how long it was to last. My goal was to provide exceptional service to my clients and protect their interests in the purchasing of Distressed Assets from REO brokers and Auctions. ... As the market begins to trend towards a housing recovery I still represent buyers searching for Distressed Properties and now also practice traditional real estate in representing First Time Buyers, 2nd Home & Move-Up Buyers, and taking on Traditional Listings.

I entered the market right after the big Real Estate Crash in 2008!

As a result, I have worked very closely with my clients to protect them in this market! My goal was to make sure they got the best price for the property! That's one of my gifts, negotiating prices! I have represented my clients at Real state Auctions, Estate sales, distressed properties, etc. My goal has always been to make sure my client is very well represented.

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