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Founding Partner of Cowen | Rodriguez | Peacock and Global Podcast Host of Trial Lawyer Nation, Michael Cowen, is no stranger to PrintAVizion. His firm continues to be repeat customers, placing multiple expanding orders each year as they continue to experience the relevance and impact their PrintAVizion video books have on the attorneys they work with as well as the clients they serve.

We’re here to help you however we can and look forward to making your next video marketing project stand out like you envision it will!

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Video Books, Video Brochures, and Video Mailers give you the power of print, video & audio united. In a nutshell, we embed lucid LCD screens into: hardbound books, elegant brochures, catalogs or menus, and even direct mail pieces. They feature 20+ minutes of video storage with clear audio, all surrounded by your company’s branding and messaging.

There are so many uses for Video Brochures in a law firm that no matter how many we come up with, we are always thinking of more! Video has become a key part of marketing with millions – if not billions – of videos watched every day. This product allows you to take advantage of the latest trends in consumer viewing habits but with a fresh, uninterruptible approach.


► Video Direct Mail

► Video Brochures

► Video Training Manuals

► Event Video Invitations

► Video Welcome Kits

► Educational Videos

► Law Firm Introductions

► Personalized Messaging to Clients

► Cross Industry Promotion

► Video Handshake


Repeat Your Success Over and Over Again with Video-in-Print Technology

“I highly recommend PrintAVizion! We started it last year with just one video book but it was such a success that we’re actually going to do it again in 3 different ways!”

Delisi Friday | Marketing Director of Cowen Rodriguez Peacock

Impress and Attract Big Franchise Companies with New Tech

“I love it. I love it! It’s so perfect. I am going to really start sharing this with so many franchise companies that I work with…I think everyone should be using them.”

Tom Feltenstein | Keynote Speaker, Author, and Marketing Expert

Other Industry Titans Using PAV

Video Business Cards
Brett Jennings and Barbara Corcoran

Listing Sales Cycle

Brett Jennings uses his video book to assist with his Silicone Valley listing sales cycle. With a little help from a Barbara Corcoran endorsement and insight on the benefits of working with his firm, this solution gives Brett an edge on his competition and has helped land him many new listings.

Video in Print
All State Insurance

Corporate Recruiting Tool

We designed and producted Allstate’s corporate recruiting tool. They utilized this Video Brochure to convert independent insurance agency owners into Allstate agents. This Video Brochure was custom developed with a pocket folder to fit a DVD that had additional content. This effort has been a huge successs for them.

Video Business Cards
Mark Cuban and American Airlines Center

Luxury Suite Sales

We were fortunate enough to design and produce the Video Book that billionaire Mark Cuban and American Airlines Center used to increase season ticket and private suite sales. By utilizing this tool for American Airlines Center in Dallas they sped up their sales process by 30%.

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