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Working with the Hispanic Chamber to make an impact!

Helping at-risk adolescent youth in Texas to see their potential and understand the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) career opportunities they will face, is an undertaking San Antonio’s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce proudly takes on annually. Hence, when funding a non-profit event that hosts 5,000+ middle school students, high-end donors become essential. Leveraging the PrintAVizion video brochure that is known for producing results in affluent marketing, was a perfect fit in their efforts to go after 6-figure sponsorships.

  • Video Brochure
  • 4″ HD IPS Video Screen
  • Speakers w/ Adjustable Volume
  • Video Chapter Buttons
  • Easily to Change Videos
  • Highlighted the Chamber of Commerce Benefits
  • Increased Sponsorships and Donations
  • Provided Education on How They Help the Community
  • Staying Power

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