Video Catalogs

Working with the NSA Professionals to make an impact!

As a professional services organization that strives to drastically improve efficiency and become known in the industry for innovation for its clients, presenting proposals in a video folder shows the cutting-edge side of their business. Viewers are greeted immediately when the folder opens to a personalized video message added by a member of their sales team, while the four chapter buttons help the viewer navigate to the information most useful for them such as company experience and background, testimonials, or detailed offerings. Where other print materials may fall short, the embedded LCD videp screen within the PrintAVizion video folder adds additional interaction and captivation.

  • Pocket w/ Business Card Slit
  • 5″ HD IPS Video Screen
  • Speakers w/ Adjustable Volume
  • Video Chapter Buttons
  • Easily Load Videos
  • Instant Play Video in Print
  • Attention Grabbing Graphics
  • No WiFi Needed
  • Increased Response Rates
  • Staying Power

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