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Working with River House to make an impact!

Selling high-end real estate condos as an ultimate sanctuary for extraordinary living means presenting an exclusive lifestyle from the moment someone is introduced to a property. PrintAVizion video brochures  open the door for the Premier Realty Group sales team with a video tour of their newest luxury condo community, River House, to “pre-sell” prospective residents. The elegance of the video brochure was designed to be consistent with the high bar standards and prestige, Hullub homes have come to be known for.

  • 9″ x 6″ Video Book
  • 7″ HD IPS Video Screen
  • Speakers w/ Adjustable Volume
  • Video Chapter Buttons
  • Easy to Change Videos
  • Video in Print Auto Plays
  • Helps Potential Buyers Visualize New Development
  • Increases Close Ratios
  • Provides a Unique Experience for Viewer

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