Working with Belmont Stakes to make an impact!

When the title of “VIP” gets attached to any experience, expectations raise exponentially. One of the most prestigious thoroughbred races of the Triple Crown understands this esteemed classification and portrays it superbly with their VIP experience promotion. Utilizing a brochure with video embeded, the Belmont Stakes guides VIP attendees through the exclusive events occurring throughout the weekend with an all-encompassing video played on the LCD screen within the video brochure. The included pocket allows for agendas, event information, and details on admittance to supplement the video, living up to the affluent expectations of the occasion.

  • Video Brochure
  • Pocket w/ Business Card Slit
  • 5″ HD IPS Video Screen
  • Speakers w/ Adjustable Volume
  • Video Chapter Buttons
  • Created a Remarkable Event Experience
  • Provided Details About Their VIP Weekend
  • Pocket Held Tickets and Agenda Information
  • Souvenir from the Event

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