Jen Herz

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Graphic Design | Financials | E-Commerce | Human Resources

Jen Herz’s background is in graphic design and e-commerce. She received a full college scholarship in design and 3D animation and continues to share her keen eye for design with the Dynamic Marketing Consultant (DMC) team. Before joining DMC, she created and ran a successful “green” e-commerce company, and the company exists today. She developed and built out this endeavor along with her business partner, and the company gained acceptance and notoriety by green consumers throughout the U.S.

Her graphic design and 3D animation background enable her to notice intricate and detailed needs for DMC client campaigns before production begins. However, her main role with DMC is managing the financial and human resources sides of the business, as well as the production and fulfillment of all client print campaigns. Jen is the liaison between clients and suppliers and has a hand in every project DMC creates. A detail-oriented professional, she excels in these areas of managing DMC’s production.

When Jen’s not involved in the myriad details of the day-to-day operations of DMC, she’s collecting fossils on Florida beaches or going boating with her husband, Devin, and their dog, Miller!


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