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These aren’t your Grandad’s Pull-Up Tradeshow Banners. Full HD video screens and custom video displays that highlight your message on a dynamic video display or video signage.

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Video Display Signage

What's Included with Your Video Display

Advantages of Video Banners

Display Dimensions
Free movement, omnidirectional
Fixed lock pole
Plug and Play
IP65 waterproof and dust-proof
Longer working life
1500 nits IPS A+ level
Tempered glass and high-strength metal case
Remaining battery reminder
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Foldable design, with special casters, it can be operated flexibly by one person, saving time and effort. Advanced locking mechanism to ensure the stable placement of the display, making the movement and placement easier and more flexible.

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video brochure

Video Brochure

Video Folder

Video Book

Business Card

Multi-Page Player


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