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Devin Herz has been on a mission for 25+ years to help businesses make their marketing disruptive.  As a child, Devin got to see the ins and outs of running a business because his Father owned 7 successful retail stores and his Mother runs a Luxury Real Estate company in Boca Raton. He quickly noticed the power that marketing combined with superior service made those businesses thrive.

Working with the New York Yankees in the mid 90’s he experienced and studied how one of the most powerful sports teams and “The Boss” George Steinbrenner ran their historic franchise.

Devin’s career in marketing started in 1995 as a college sophomore when he co-founded a company that orchestrated events and concerts growing to be one of Tampa’s largest event marketing companies at that time.  He and his business partner’s ability to create unique marketing materials, use of guerilla marketing tactics, and the ability to evolve, drove thousands of people to their events for 8 straight years.

Between his deep knowledge of running successful businesses, he is also well versed in direct response marketing, creating eye-grabbing designs, video, print, direct mail, and social media.

Devin’s drive for exceptional marketing doesn’t stop there. He and his wife, Jen are the masterminds behind PrintAVizion & the creative marketing agency Dynamic Marketing Consultants. PrintAVizion transcends traditional boundaries by placing your video content right where it matters most: in the palm of your viewer’s hands, ensuring engagement is not just felt but seen & heard.

Devin, Jen & their amazing team are not just marketers; they are trendsetters in the art of connecting businesses with their audience, making sure your voice is not just heard, but resonates.

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