How can Direct Mail be Digital?

Digital Mail? Video Mailers? Are those oxymorons or are they the next big thing in marketing?

The digital age is upon us and consumers and business owners are being hit left and right with emails, ads, and pop-ups that they have to dodge on a constant basis. So how do we reach them and provide impactful digital or video content without all those distractions? We go back to the basics and use the mail again. But instead of a boring postcard that’s immediately thrown in the trash – we attach the video to it!

With companies and marketers relying so heavily on email, it’s refreshing to receive an eye-catching piece of mail, especially when they rise to the next level by incorporating digital content.

How does it work? An actual video screen is placed within a direct mail piece to truly connect with the recipient. Methods like PrintaVizion and InstaVizion allow you to create unique mailers complete with print, audio, and video all in one.

This cutting-edge technology will drastically speed up your sales cycle!

We’re certain you’ll see an increase in responses!

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