TOUCHDOWN! Private Video Box Invitation for NFL Legends!

I’m thrilled to share an incredible project we recently completed with Reese’s for the Reese’s Senior Bowl, and we couldn’t wait to give you an exclusive glimpse into this captivating endeavor. We had the honor of crafting a spectacular video invitation using our innovative Video Box, sent to 45 esteemed NFL legends including the likes of Dan Marino, Tory Holt, Terrell Owens, & Thurman Thomas.

Video Book

This bespoke video box housed a captivating 7″ Video Screen with a printed invitation nestled within a custom foam tray, creating an unforgettable unveiling experience. The excitement & awe expressed by these NFL icons upon receiving their video invitations was so cool to watch. Witnessing their enthusiasm was an incredible moment for us at PrintAVizion.

The Reese’s Senior Bowl, slated for February 3rd in Mobile, Alabama, is set to be an extraordinary event, and we are immensely proud to have played a part in it. Working alongside Reese’s has been an honor, and we’re eager to continue crafting disruptive and innovative invitations in the future. Stay tuned for updates & marketing strategies to catapult your business in 2024!

Discover How Video Boxes Will Work Best For You!

Video Boxes and Video Invitations create unforgettable experiences by seamlessly blending video content with a tangible, captivating experience. Beyond invitations, these innovative boxes serve as perfect Thank You Gifts, Onboarding Surprises, or Corporate Gifts. They offer a direct avenue to place your video message directly in front of your intended audience, ensuring an impactful and lasting impression.

Elevating Brand Engagement:
Video Boxes transcend traditional marketing methods, elevating brand engagement to new heights. These dynamic tools offer an immersive experience that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression. Whether it’s showcasing product launches, sharing corporate milestones, or delivering personalized messages, Video Boxes create an unparalleled connection between brands and their audiences. The fusion of captivating video content and tangible packaging becomes a powerful storytelling tool, fostering deeper emotional connections with clients, partners, or prospects.

Unveiling Unforgettable Surprises:
Beyond their role as invitations or corporate gifts, Video Boxes unveil unparalleled surprises. Imagine using these innovative boxes to announce exclusive offers, deliver surprise announcements, or commemorate special occasions. Their versatility extends beyond the business realm, making them perfect for personal gifting or celebrating milestones. From commemorating employee achievements to presenting memorable wedding invitations, Video Boxes add an element of surprise and excitement that traditional methods cannot match.

Amplifying Customer Experiences:
Embracing Video Boxes amplifies customer experiences, forging a memorable journey that resonates long after the initial interaction. These engaging devices enhance communication channels, providing a unique avenue to communicate your brand’s story and values. Whether enhancing customer onboarding experiences, nurturing client relationships, or expressing gratitude, Video Boxes deliver a personalized touch that enhances brand loyalty. Their ability to merge technology with tactile experiences strengthens connections and establishes an emotional rapport, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Discover How Video Boxes Will Work Best For You!