Terms of Use

  • Phase I: Order Authorization & Payment
    Once we have received this signed order authorization and payment, Phase II commences
  • Phase II (a): (If DMC is consulting on copy and design) Discovery Call, Design & Material
  • Phase II (b): (If CLIENT is providing copy and design) Template will be provided
  • Phase III: Design and/or Client Provided Material Collection
  • Phase IV: Design Approval & Production Authorization
  • Phase V: Production/Print
  • Phase VI: Distribution
  • Phase VII: Client Must Review All Books For Quality within Seven Days of Receipt
  • Phase VIII: Post Order Review Sign Off

Cancellation Policy:
After phase IV of the PrintAVizion process, design and production is not able to be cancelled. Payment is non-refundable at that point.

Video Book Full 30-Day Warranty:
DMC categorizes potential video book challenges as either “minor” or “major”.

These categories are outlined below and if these issues occur, the product will either be re-produced, repaired or refunded within 30 days from order (please review all units within 7 days of receipt):

  • Minor – includes dents, larger scratches, wrinkles in the card, LCD screen is crooked, LCD screen is a little dark, slight flickering of the video, printing defects
  • Major – includes no sound, LCD screen damaged, buttons not working, video freezing, device not charging, device cannot be detected by the computer, USB broken, sensor is not working


Terms of Warranty:

  • Thirty days from shipment date for Minor or Major issues.
  • Although we are offering only 30 days warranty for batteries. Most batteries should last for 1 year or much longer. Life of battery depends on usage and weather conditions. Extreme heat and cold will cause quicker deterioration of the battery.
  • After 30 days, device may be repairable or reproduced at buyer’s cost.
  • What is covered here: No sound, Screen discoloration, Buttons not working, USB port not connecting to computer, Sensor not working properly, USB port broken.
  • What is not covered under warranty: Short circuit caused by user’s charger or computer (this may cause the device to not power on, so it will require some investigation if this is caused by short circuit issue or if it is a defective battery issue), wear and tear, water damage, LCD broken by the user.