Video Book Full Warranty:

DMC categorizes potential video book challenges as either “minor” or “major”. These categories are outlined below and if these issues occur, the product will either be re-produced, repaired or refunded. (Please review all units within 7 days of receipt)

Minor – includes dents, larger scratches, wrinkles in the card, LCD screen is crooked, LCD screen is a little dark, slight flickering of the video, printing defects.

Major – includes no sound, LCD screen damaged, buttons not working, video freezing, device not charging, device cannot be detected by the computer, USB broken, sensor is not working.

Terms of Warranty:

Thirty days from shipment date for Minor or Major issues.

Most batteries should last for 1 year or much longer. Life of battery depends on usage and weather conditions. Extreme heat and cold will cause quicker deterioration of the battery.

What is covered: 

No sound, Screen discoloration, Buttons not working, USB port not connecting to computer, Sensor not working properly, USB port broken.

What is not covered under warranty:

Short circuit caused by user’s charger or computer . A broken video brochure that shows damage from human error.  Players that were left in inclement weather or damaged by heat or water. 

Contact us for full details.

Cancellation Policy:

After the project is paid and press proof is approved, design and production is not able to be cancelled. Payment is non-refundable at that point.