5 Secrets of Super Successful Video Marketing in 2020

Video marketing has been dubbed as one of the most influential and important developments of the marketing world. Video is an integral part of selling your product, service or getting your brand and story out to the masses. When preparing and planning a video marketing campaign for your video in print materials, like video folders and video brochure, it’s important to utilize best practices.

Here are our top 5 secrets to make your video marketing campaign a booming success:

1. Incorporate Customer-Generated Content
Seeing real and authentic people using your product or service is an effective marketing strategy. This footage is an easy way to instill trust in your company and products and helps individuals visualize themselves in whatever it is that you are marketing. Including testimonials from these real clients and customer as well.

2. Let Your Personality Shine Through
Having an informative video may be educational and useful, but they aren’t always the most fun to watch. Presentation is everything. Having an interesting and humorous video can be more enjoyable and easier to follow. Don’t be afraid to add jokes that showcase your companies culture and character!

3. Explain What to Do After Watching
After watching your video, viewers need to know what to do next. The viewer should have a clear understanding of what you can do for them and how to get started. Consider including a call to action such as an emailing, calling or visiting your website for more information.

4. Video Length
People have a lot going on, so it’s important to capture their attention quickly and effectively.
Include any important details and keep your viewers entertained in less than 5 minutes. The longer your video the less people will watch the entire video and therefore miss the call to action.

5. Tell A Story
Rather than concentrating solely on your company, product, and mission, try to bring in your audiences’ focus with a story. Shying away from the hard sell will increase engagement and leave a lasting impression. Prove how your company will make a difference in their life.

When done right, video marketing is a highly effective strategy. These days, videos can be embedded into anything from books to brochures and boxes. No matter which unit you choose, you will instantly capture your target market’s attention! At PrintAVizion, every video unit is fully customizable, inside and out, to match your branding. Showcase your business in an efficient and unforgettable way! Contact us today to learn more.