What is the Future of Video Marketing in Print?

While video marketing in print is still a relatively new concept for many businesses, there is no denying its effectiveness. Utilizing video items like video brochures or video folders, has proven to be a successful marketing tool that leaves a lasting impression on its recipient.

Video marketing in print has so much potential and we expect this medium to continue to grow and evolve.

What is the future of video marketing in print? Here are a few of our predictions:

Improved Screens
The main piece of technology in a video mailer is the screen. Just as TV screens continue to change and advance each year, so will the screens being used for video marketing in print. Think sharper, brighter, HD quality screens that show vibrant video and color.

These days curved TVs and computer monitors are becoming more popular. We predict bendable, more flexible screens are something that will soon be used in video mailers as they will allow businesses to create truly unique video items.

Utilizing Apps
Right now, there is no functionality to monitor views in a video mailer. It would be beneficial to understand the viewing habits of those that receive a piece of video mail. How many times did they view the video? Did they watch the full video? We expect apps to help provide these details in the near future.

Utilizing an app would be an easy way to gather data. An app can be built to act as a hub. Data can be transferred into the app and then transmitted into a mobile device or computer. As the data flows in, we will have the ability to track activity and analyze data.

The future of video marketing in print is bright. As technology continues to advance, the videos used in print mail pieces will continue to progress to create more effective marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking to wow your clients, video marketing in print is the perfect way to do so! Videos can be embedded into anything from books to brochures to boxes. Every PrintAVizion unit is fully customizable, inside and out, to match your brand. Contact us today to learn how our video products will spread your message in a way your recipients have never experience before!