Video Brochure USA Manufacturer

Often our clients often ask if our video brochures are manufactured in the USA? and our simple answer is no, but let us explain why.

As Americans, we tend to focus on our local economy and purchasing goods that are produced here in this county. While we would love to manufacture our video brochures in the US, our team of experts determined it wouldn’t produce the best quality product for our clients. For us, quality is of the utmost importance over all other factors.

Why Manufacture Video Brochures Outside the USA?

As one of the pioneers of the video in print technology in the USA, we made the decision approximately 10 years ago to invest in a manufacturing facility in Shenzhen.

This allows us to handle all aspects of the components and printing technology that we can provide to our clients. By investing in an overseas facility, we save our clients time, energy, and money. With that, we also give our clients peace of mind that every video brochure they receive will be of the highest quality.

At PrintAVizion, we operate with full transparency. All of our pricing is available in our catalog; prices include shipping from overseas so there are no hidden costs. Our team will provide a quote and you will only pay shipping and handling from our facility in Florida to your destination.

Choosing A Video Brochure Manufacturer

  • Always look at a manufacturer client reviews
  • Take a glance at their portfolio of past clients
  • Keep an eye out for stellar customer service
  • On-time communication between buyers
  • Type of materials used and shipment times

There are many other factors to look at before you choose an overseas manufacture, overall we recommend to stick with the above points and you will have no problems for the most part.

Who is PrintAVizon?

PrintAVizion is video brochure manufacturer in the US. When you work with our team, the quality of service, our level of communication, and the final product will be unmatched.
Ready to get started? Schedule a complimentary demo and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.