How Video Brochures Can Catapult Your Marketing Outreach

Embracing Innovation: Past Meets Present     

Are you looking for a new and innovative way to convey your brand’s message? What if you could easily put a powerful and personalized message in the palm of your prospect’s hands? From educating clients about products and services to fundraising outreach or a new product launch: video brochures are a multi-purpose marketing tool that offers an innovative way to reach clients – and their positive results are impossible to ignore.

Forbes recently published insights into video marketing and found that 59% of business people prefer engaging with video content over reading print alone. You know how difficult it can be to connect with clients in a meaningful and memorable way. It’s more essential than ever to select the best method to deliver your brand’s message. Video brochures are a stunning way to captivate your target audience and increase revenue.

The Challenge to Captivate: Why Video Brochures are so Effective  

Major brands across the country are using video brochures in their marketing strategy, and we have had the distinct pleasure of working with many of them. Dynamic Marketing Consultants has partnered with powerhouse brands like the NFL to help bring their message directly to their audience. From testimonials to instruction or motivation, this amazing technology can be personalized to suit your company’s goals.

What makes video brochures so powerful? They are a proven way to deliver your message. The product combines captivating new technology with the greatest marketing tool of all – word of mouth. These stunning devices provide one of the highest return on investment margins available. Not only will you effectively reach your desired client, consider how many people they will show this innovative technology to and how far word of mouth will carry your investment.

Providing your prospective client with a combination of digital media and a tangible print copy is a unique endeavor. In the modern business climate, digital communication has risen to the top. While there is no denying the power of digital marketing, the personal aspect of direct marketing is easily overlooked. With this approach, the viewer is fully engaging their sense of touch, sight, and sound. This offers a truly interactive experience with your brand and a personal touch that can be difficult to attain otherwise.

How We Can Help: Incorporating Video Brochures into Your Marketing Strategy

You might be thinking you don’t have an enormous marketing outreach budget, and video brochures aren’t a viable strategy for your business. This is where PrintAVizion comes in. Not only are we pioneers in the video marketing arena but our parent company, Dynamic Marketing Consultants, offers a team of marketing professionals able to cater your video brochure to perfectly suit your purpose. From design and copy to video production options, we’ve got a plan to seamlessly implement video brochures into your marketing.

Be sure to view our portfolio for innovative uses of this amazing technology! Contact us today and inquire about how PrintAVizion can elevate your marketing strategy.