How to Create Business Cards People Won’t Throw Away

Many times, when you think of a business card you imagine a small white card that barely holds up over time. Although we are told to give a business card as soon as we can, the reality is that we don’t know what the potential client will do with it. Some will say that business cards are fading out, and posting your information on the internet is the new and effective way to go about your business. Don’t let business cards die out—instead, give your business card a reason to stay alive in the hands of your client.

But how can you ensure your business card won’t be crumpled up and thrown into the trash? A good business card worth holding onto only needs a few detail fixes. There are numerous ways to have your business card stand out from the rest, you just need to dig into your creative side.

  1. Design it Your Way

Your card design should focus on your personality. Adding a personal touch will make your card stand out against the rest. Mix up the typical “name, number, email address” format, and replace it in your own style. Passing out a creative business card will make a great first impression and encourage your potential client to meet again. Don’t just hand them over any card, hand them over a piece of you.

  1. Explore Different Shapes

How many white, small, boring business cards do you have stacked into a rubber band? There are a variety of shapes you can use in your business card design. Non-traditional shapes are bound to receive a second look from future clients. Let the shape be molded to fit your company. If you think oval could fit your business, then go for it! If you have a business that you could use a shape of an animal, food, or any other unique design for your card, then don’t hesitate to take the chance and creating an engaging card design!

  1. Unique Material

Allowing your card to feel unique in-hand will force your card to be chosen from a stack of simplistic cards. Think different thickness and textures, or even yet, how about a video business card? Let your connections truly understand how you can help by leaving them with a short video explaining what you do. It’s a certified way to keep your business top of mind against the competition.

Ready to make the changes needed to have your business card be one of a kind? By implementing some of these tips, you are guaranteed to be one step ahead of your competitor. Our team at PrintAVizion is ready to WOW your clients with a unique card business card design, don’t hesitate to contact our team.