Video Brochures the Ultimate in Direct Mail In 2020

With a fresh new year, now is the time to start thinking of your 2020 marketing strategy. To get ahead of your competition, it’s important to be on top of the latest marketing trends.

Video marketing has proven to be an extremely successful marketing tool. Instead of placing your video on your website or social media alone, the latest trend is to utilize your videos in anything from books and brochures, to boxes or business cards! Imagine someone opening your video brochure to hear a customized message talking directly to them, and then giving them multiple videos to learn more about your product? This new way of advertising is not one to be thrown away.

Although it is now more common to receive an email or text rather than traditional mail, when done properly, a physical piece of mail can leave a lasting impression on your target market. Putting video into printed media is the new and trending way to market your business offerings.

Take a deeper look into how a digital direct mail piece may work for you:

Video Business Card

How many small, white, business cards have you thrown away over the years? One tiny piece of paper won’t cut it if you’re trying to get your business ahead of the others. A video business card brings a new way to share your information, it is the perfect way to warming welcome potential clients and display your personable qualities and business offerings. Upon opening the card cover, the video will playback loops until covered again. The opening of the cover triggers a magnet disconnecting switch that will begin the video and first time someone will hear and see your video. A video business card is essentially a USB drive, that can connect to a computer to upload or download files as needed. Pull in customers with an engaging 30-60 second video about yourself and how your business will benefit them and add value.

Selfie Cam Brochure

Video brochures are used in countless industries to promote, sell, and offer new services. Keep your video brochure personable to hook in your audience. With a selfie cam video brochure, you can visibly showoff what a brochure may have described. Keep it simple and likeable to guarantee future business. Similar to how you open a brochure, the selfie cam video will begin running, and when you close it, it stops. But keep in mind, this can vary depending on the customization you choose.

Video Brochure/ Touchscreen Brochure

The effectiveness of video as a sales and marketing strategy has become extremely beneficial as technology advanced over the years. The combination of sound, video, and printed words are all used together to create a unique user’s experience. Video brochures are highly customizable and can range from a short video, to a long video filled with descriptive details. As the brochure is opened to begin playing, it can play MP4, DVD, VCD, MKV, and an automatic slideshow of JPG files. The touchscreen option can allow for video control as well as more customized options.

Video Book/ Video Multi-Page Catalog/ Video Folder

A book style format is ideal if you are looking to provide more content aside from the video. A video book allows for pages to be flipped that have your printed information on them, along with a video playing that compliments the printed facts. Similarly, a folder format allows you to be flexible with your content. On the left side, you can design it to fit your needs. If you have information you believe is important to have printed you can add it, along with contact information. Below the screen on the right is space for function buttons, as well as room for print outs. If you wish to include more details about your services or businesses, consider a multi-page catalog to ensure all information is kept together accordingly.

Video Box

For product launches, a video box may be the perfect way to begin advertising your product. A video box allows for educational pieces, invitations, and for a sample of your product to fit inside. These video presentations have many directions and paths they can go through to truly match your vision. The boxes come in different sizes and can fit extra documentation and gifts for individuals. The video you upload to the screen can be an introduction to the product, a video on how to use it, and then wrapped up with how to contact your company. A video box offers the ultimate experience to the recipient!

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