How Video in Print Can Increase Your Sales

Looking for a way to boost sales and increase profitability? In today’s tech-savvy world, it is important to engage your target audience with video marketing. Video in print is a powerful tool that should be included in your marketing efforts. 

As experienced marketing professionals, we’ve seen how video in print can increase your sales. Here we share our top 10 ways video in print will make a huge impact on your business:

Helps Consumers Retain Messages

A video is the best way to showcase your product/service without having to meet in person for a demo. According to Forbes, it is estimated that one minute of video content is equivalent to nearly 1.8 million words. Video is the most effective way to successfully get your message heard. After watching your video, consumers will understand how you can help them and how to contact you for the next steps.  

Strengthens Your Brand

Utilizing this form of marketing will allow your target audience to get to know you. They can listen and watch to quickly learn all about your brand. Be sure to utilize the same colors, fonts, and logos that you use across all your marketing efforts to ensure a consistent brand. Not only does it strengthen your brand, but 80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales. 

Differentiates You from The Competition

While video in print technology has been around for many years, not many businesses are utilizing it. Step ahead of your competition by offering an eye-catching video in print piece that is sure to raise your response rates. A PrintAVizion unit is a unique way to break away from traditional marketing strategies and truly showcase all you have to offer.

Ultimate Sticky Marketing Piece

With such an exceptional presentation, a video in print piece will typically be kept by the recipient. If done correctly, the whole piece should leave a lasting impression so that the recipient will want to re-watch it and share it with others. With our video in print units being rechargeable, they are made to be reviewed many times.    

Builds Credibility & Trust

Trust translates to sales. Connecting with your target market through video will help educate them on who you are and what your business is about. Research shows, customers who have heard the voice of your brand will be more confident in their decision to purchase. Video is a definite way to build the foundation of trust early on so that the customer feels comfortable with your company. 

Distinctive Follow Up Piece 

Rather than leaving a bulky folder of paper with a potential new client, blow them away with a video in print unit. When video is paired with a remarkable print piece, it is the perfect sales tool that is both engaging and informative as well as easy to review. Video brochures, folders, books, and video business cards will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression following an initial meeting.  

Video is Versatile

No matter what industry you’re in, video works across all markets. Whether you need to show a demo, explainer, how-to or interactive video, you can showcase anything and everything. You can even utilize it to share testimonials. Video is the ultimate way to inform and SELL!

Speeds Up the Sales Cycle

When a PrintAVizion unit is delivered to your target customer, it stands out from the rest of the pile of mail. The vibrant printing and quality presentation will quickly catch attention. A distinguishing video in print piece will make its way up to decision makers faster than a traditional print marketing. 

Convenient for All

Convenience is key for both you and the recipient. If using your video in print piece for a presentation, you have immediate access to the video. Never worry about a WiFi connection or lag time loading – charge it up and you are ready to go!

If using your unit as a direct mail piece or for a follow up, there is no stress on the recipient to view it immediately. They can watch at their convenience without feeling pressured or stressed.  


Video has proven to be one of the most successful marketing tools. Eliminate ineffective marketing strategies and invest in video in print. It will speed up your sales cycle, create strong relationships and make a real impact in your business. 

Ready to utilize video in print for your business? At PrintAVizion, we offer high quality video in a variety of printed marketing materials customized to your specific needs. Video brochures, hardbound video books, boxes, folders, postcards and video business cards are just a few of the options available today. We combine video, audio, and print in one seamless unit that will truly WOW your target audience!