The History of Video in Print Technology (ViP)

Video in Print Technology otherwise known as printed video has transformed digital marketing. It is an effective tool for businesses of all sizes across all industries. Not only will printed video allow for your business to showcase your product/services, but it also allows your audience to have a better understanding of what benefits your business can bring to their lives. Printed video is a unique method of digital marketing and will expand your engagement with potential clients. 

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What is Video in Print Technology (ViP)? 

Video in print is an innovative way to draw clients to your business. This form of video marketing is featured in print format. When using printed video, you can embed the video into any printed format. This includes brochures, folders, magazines, folders, business cards and many other forms. As the reader is making their way through the printed piece, the video will play automatically.

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The History of Printed Video

Over the years, technology has expanded into many new versions and formats. Did you ever imagine that advertising would not only be in video form, but found in a printed format? 

Printed video was first featured in an issue of Entertainment Weekly in 2009. This form of advertising was first brainstormed by Americhip. CBS Network wanted to be the first to use this unique form of advertising and decided to release a collaboration with CBS’s Big Bang Theory and PepsiCo’s latest Pepsi Max soda. This new form of video in print quickly became a hit and found its way to debut in the UK in October of 2012. Dolce and Gabbana advertised a 45 second clip in the hit magazine, Marie Claire. 

As more printed video advertisements continued to be released, everybody wanted a taste of this compelling video in print. Since then, printed video has made its way to be utilized by businesses of all industries and sizes. 

How PrintAVizion is Revolutionizing Video in Print Technology

If you’re a business owner, you know how important it is to be one step ahead of your competitor. New ways of advertising are key to success and standing out amongst a crowd. Here at PrintAVizion, we work to not only make a stand out video, but to make it a marketing masterpiece, using video in print technology we’re able to wow all of our customers such as Sothebys, Brothers, Zebra, American Airlines, and more.

In a world saturated with marketing methods, make sure you’re taking the leap to make your efforts are the best form out there. PrintAVizion combines traditional marketing methods with new and trending video technology to bring your message to life. To ensure the most effective approach, we offer these advantages:  

High Quality

While using technologically based marketing strategies, you want to employ the finest quality possible. There are a number of dimensions and controls that can be used to create the perfect piece.

For over ten years, PrintAVizion has been working with the best, most reliable technology on the market. We use the highest quality components to ensure the clearest video and greatest printed product. We also pride ourselves on using state-of-the-art printing and guarantee our work.


Having a customizable screen is imperative when designing the perfect video in print advertisements. Depending on the print format used, some may require a smaller screen dimension compared to another.

There are many factors that play into which screen size should be used and which is most recommended. We offer a variety of solutions and can also make a custom fit for your desired dimensions.

To create the perfect printed video, we also have a variety of HD screen sizes to choose from. No matter the piece, we will be able to size it perfectly and have it be heard and seen by many!


What good is a product if you can’t make it last a lifetime?

Having the ability to recharge these pieces comes in handy when you want to reach several people. You can simply plug these players into your computer or USB wall plug. Within just a few hours, your video player will be fully charged. If played continually, the battery will last about 2-3 hours.

Flash Memory

Our flash memory holds 256MB which is equal to about 5-7 minutes worth of video. If this isn’t what you were looking for, we also offer larger hard drives. Anything is available to satisfy our customer’s needs and to ensure a flawless product. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Video Buttons

After a video begins to play, volume is always a key factor to control. Our devices come with volume controls as well with a pause and play button.

If clients want to replay your video, they have the option to pause and continue, along with the opportunity to rewatch the video in its entirety. You can pause/play up to 4 chapters on our printed video devices. These buttons are imperative to creating a standout printed video!