Can Custom Video Greeting Cards Help Your Sales?

These days, everything has gone digital, even greeting cards are starting to fade away. Can you think about the last time you received a unique piece of physical mail that actually stood out from the rest?

Typically, physical mail consists of many advertisements, promotions and food menus– which have become boring and monotonous. With custom video greeting cards, there is a huge opportunity to WOW your prospects and customers simply by sending them a piece of mail that truly stands out.

If you’re looking to boost sales, consider sending a personalized piece of direct mail. Sending a greeting card to your customer base is a great marketing strategy. They help to build strong relationships and differentiate you from the competitors. But, sending any mass produced greeting card is impersonal and lackluster. The best way to make an impression on your recipient is to send a custom video greeting card!

Can custom video greeting cards help your sales? The answer is a definite YES! In today’s article we will share how custom video greeting cards can boost your business.

Benefits of Custom Video Greeting Cards

Eye Catching

unique marketing strategies

After going through countless envelopes and junk mail, everything seems to look the same. Each piece has the same color background with your name in black ink and simple font. Video greeting cards on the other hand can be made into any shape and size with any design and color of your choice.

Putting your business name and logo in your unique colors on your greeting card is an eye-catching piece of mail waiting to be opened. These special cards can be opened from the bottom, top, left, or right. No matter which format you choose, you’re bound to impress your audience.

After opening the card, the greeting video will play your masterpiece and truly impress your clients. They will be blown away after both hearing and seeing you talk about your business and sharing insights into how your product/services can help them. There are an unlimited number of options available to create a one of a kind custom greeting card for your business!


Increase Brand Awareness

brand awareness

There are an endless amount of businesses popping up from day to day. With a growing number of businesses comes an increase in competition. Proving that your offerings are better than others will take more than just your word. You MUST stand out! Usually, companies will hand out a small, basic business card that will typically find its way to the trash or bottom of a desk drawer. Be one step ahead of your competitors and truly wow your potential clients. Make sure to have your brand stick out amongst a crowd with a digital greeting. Not many companies are using this marketing strategy, so your brand will quickly move its way to the top of someone’s radar. Your innovative and unique way to reach out to your audience will turn prospects into customers and ultimately boost your sales! 



customer engagement

As technology continues to advance, why not take advantage of all it has to offer? A boring flyer or folder won’t cut it anymore. Engage with your audience in a creative and distinctive way that will allow for your business to leave a lasting impression. A face-to-face conversation holds much more value than words on a paper.

A video greeting card will foster that same feeling that one has after conversing with a company’s employee. Bring your potential clients that connection and your company will most certainly be kept top of mind. Utilizing a digital greeting card allows for not only your voice to be heard, but your face to be seen.

Making this connection is imperative to building and maintaining relationships with clients. This new way of engagement will have your old and new clients feeling important and connected! 


Improve Response Rates

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Initially a customer will already be in awe when receiving this extraordinary greeting card. They will be even more enticed after seeing the screen light up with your personalized message!

That very moment is when your company will be remembered for its creativity and the power of video marketing will have successfully done its job. Leaving this lasting impact on a potential client is key to growing your business. Clients will be intrigued after not only hearing about your business, but seeing it through a unique video greeting. Potential clients will be eager to hear more about your business and truly learn what benefits you can provide them.


At PrintAVizion, we offer the best custom video greeting cards on the market. We can create a vibrant printed piece featuring an HD video screen greeting. We will work diligently with you to create perfect piece of mail for your target audience. If you haven’t yet utilized video marketing for your business, don’t worry – we can also assist with creating a one of a kind video to use in your video greeting card.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to schedule your FREE introduction call. We would love to show you how a PrintAVizion video greeting card can revolutionize your marketing efforts and increase your sales!