Real Estate Video Brochure | How to Sell More Homes

These days, not everything you see online accurately represents itself truthfully. Pictures can be edited and distorted. Although you may fall in love with what appears in a photo, odds are the lighting was perfected and editing was done.

In real estate, the last thing anyone wants to come across is a misleading photo of a property.

When buyers browse online for their future home, it becomes difficult to truly get a feel for it unless you’re there in person. Due to the difficulties and challenges resulting from COVID-19, in-person showings and open houses are harder to come by.

To ensure your real estate business is providing helpful information and conveying more than a picture can, incorporate real estate video mailers into your marketing mix!

How Real Estate Video Brochures Help with Selling

Real estate video mailers and realtors can thrive off their many benefits. Here we share our top 5 reasons to incorporate real estate video mailers into your business:

Video is Believable 

Homebuyers want to see the true details of a home. With video, you can’t hide the imperfections or skip over parts of a home.

Real estate video mailers not only document every inch of the house, but convey more than pictures can. A buyer has a lot to think about when choosing their future home. To ease their nerves, real estate video mailers offer believable footage of a piece of property.

We naturally understand and trust what we can hear and see, which video footage covers. As the virtual tour is played, buyers can get a feel for a home and further visualize themselves in it.

Something Clients Can Hold Onto

A video mailer is a unique form of mail that instantly catches someone’s attention. With a simple opening of the cover, video plays and our minds get to work. After listening to and watching this distinctive piece of mail, clients can save it to watch again later.

The video can be re-watched and recharged over and over. If the recipient enjoyed the video, they can keep it and share it with friends and family later. This is particularly important when looking to buy a home and asking for the opinions of others. Being able to come back and play your real estate video as many times as they please is a real bonus to this standout piece of mail. 

Real Estate Video Brochure Mailer
Close more listings with real estate video brochures

Get the Bigger Picture

Video showcases the true proportions, layout, and depth of a home. Getting a chance to look at a piece of property through a video tour will inform buyers faster than a picture could.

Understanding a home in its entirety helps spark the sense of visualization in the home. Real estate video mailers showcase every room and every corner, to ensure the buyer has seen everything the home has to offer.

After developing a liking towards a home, the video mailer will provide all the necessary information the buyer needs to reach out for more details.

Market Yourself 

Real estate is a competitive field. To succeed in this industry, it crucial to stand out. One way of doing this is to ensure you have exceptional marketing strategies in place.

Real estate video mailers offer an endless world of opportunity to show off your personality. Creating this character for your business will have buyers feel inclined to work with you.

Displaying your individuality while showing a home can build trust and credibility. When buyers are on the hunt for a property, they need someone who can understand them and help them find something that matches their personal needs.

Have your buyers fall in love with what you have to offer by truly selling yourself via video.

Easy Availability

Oftentimes it is difficult to schedule a perfect time for both the seller and buyer to view a home. With COVID-19, it can become risky to meet up at a property. Many in real estate are already adapting by doing virtual tours by the use of tablets and real estate video brochures.

Affordable Virtual Tours For Real Estate Agents and Brokers

To protect yourself and your family, video mailers are a key component to marketing your available properties. Real estate video mailers are there for whenever a buyer needs them.

They can open and watch the thoughtfully put together video on their own time and convenience. This is a major benefit for when looking to buy a home. Because the video will play and include all the same details and images every time, buyers have the opportunity to share with family and friends. Creating this excitement and establishing a connection with clients will ensure that they are comfortable working with you.

At PrintAVizion we pride ourselves on offering high-quality videos to showcase high-quality businesses. Count on our team to transform your real estate marketing strategies! Utilize real estate video brochures as a new marketing and client engagement

If you are ready to see how real estate video mailers work, reach out today to schedule a FREE introduction call. We’ll show you how we can boost your marketing efforts and increase your business with a stand out piece of mail!