15 Tips for Custom Video Brochure Success

Technology is a part of our everyday lives. Intertwining it with marketing is the most efficient way to showcase your business and services. This unique style of marketing can open the eyes of many potential clients. 

Basic marketing materials won’t cut it in today’s digital world. A small piece of paper gets lost and thrown away faster than you can imagine. Instead, bring your message into a custom video brochure where a video clip is played to further relay your message to buyers. This stand out piece of mail won’t be discarded and will certainly be remembered. 

A custom video brochure is bound to have your business booming. If you plan to use this creative method to market your product, check out our 15 tips for ultimate success when using this method of marketing your business and services. 

  • Utilize High-Quality Video Screens

Staring at a dim-lit screen for an extended period can cause strain to the eyes. With a high-quality video screen, viewers won’t need to squint to see your video. Ensure a pleasant experience for potential clients by using a brightly lit and clear screen. The better they can see, the more they will realize the greatness of your work!

  • Be Informative

When creating the perfect video for your custom video brochure, make sure to add key facts about your business. Allow your audience to clearly understand your mission, goals and how your products/services will benefit them. 

  • Ensure Vibrant Printing

Stand out colors are the first thing our eyes are attracted to. A touch of color is important to aesthetically please your audience. Colors that are vibrant and printed well will add a sense of beauty to the product and are sure to pique the interest your target audience.

  • Produce Engaging Video Content

Having creative media in your custom video brochure is imperative. Establishing a connection through video will build the foundation of trust with your audience. Their ability to interact with the screen already provides a sense of engagement. But, when a relationship is developed, they will feel comfortable to turn to you for business. 

  • Have the Video do the Talking

Personable conversations are important when building your business. Video brochures can provide these same conversations with clients helping to begin your customer relationship. They also make the perfect follow up piece to someone you have already spoken to. 

  • Ensure Your Unit is Rechargeable

An important feature of video brochures is the ability to recharge them. If a client found your piece helpful, they can keep it and come back to it whenever they need. With a cord and place to plug it in, your message will forever be able to be heard. 

  • Incorporate Visuals 

Eye-catching visuals in a video are what make them so enjoyable and memorable. Clients will remember unique backgrounds and graphics that showcase your services. Make sure to include innovative media within your brochure so clients can have something to remember. 

  • Demonstrate Your Solution

Customers are looking to use your product/service to solve a problem. In the video, you must demonstrate how you can help. Provide viewers with all the important details about your business. Be sure to explain your experience and skills to prove that you are a reliable business. 

  • Present a Call to Action

Within your custom video brochure, you have ample opportunities to offer a call to action. Use the video to explain the different follow-up methods the viewer can take. Your contact information should also be printed within the brochure.

  • Information on Demand

The moment the recipient opens your brochure is the same moment your business stands out to them. A video brings life to your powerful presentation. This instant information will be the reason your business finds success. 

  • Make it Shareable

Video business brochures are an impressive piece and typically become a keepsake for clients. These innovative pieces can be shown and shared with others. Create something future clients will be eager to show off to friends, family and colleagues. 

  • Custom to Your Business

Every video brochure will be unique in itself. From the screen size, to the dimensions of the brochure and the text along with the video, you decide all the details. Take advantage and create a distinctive piece for your business.

  • Maintain Control of Your Message

You have time to plan and fix your video until you believe it has reached its full potential. Prove to the recipients what you have to offer and that no other company can do it like you do. Create the message that you wish to have heard. 

  • Engage More Senses 

A custom video brochure can engage more senses than a traditional one. When listening and watching your video, viewers can access controls to the sound. Using these different senses engages your target audience and draws them in. This creates a memorable experience and establishes a liking towards your business. 

  • Work with a Reliable Company

A custom video brochure are an incredible piece to use for marketing. Working with the right company can create more opportunity for success. It is important to choose someone who can provide quality products and who will stand by their work. 

At PrintAVizion, our team is dedicated to customizing every piece to perfection. Video marketing may be a new way of marketing for your business, but with our help, we guarantee it will be a smooth and enjoyable experience. Your business WILL find success in using our customizable video brochures!

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