What are the Video Brochure Components?

As we browse through magazines and newspapers, it is common to see pages of advertisements. But, as we have grown more familiar with these ads, we tend to skip over them. Vibrant pictures may catch your eye for a moment, but often we fail to continue reading that ad. Video technology offers more than what a picture can provide. It allows endless possibilities to demonstrate every detail about your business. Video has quickly become one of the most effective marketing strategies available today.  Read below to find out what video brochure components make up the perfect brochure. 

Video in print solutions will unquestionably make a strong impact on your target audience. A video brochure is one of the most reliable resources to improve engagement with clients and raise your response rates. When clients receive this product in the mail, at first glance it appears as if it is a traditional brochure. After opening it, a short video clip of your product will begin to play. The video is embedded within printed text about your product so clients can have a strong understanding about what your business provides. The many benefits of video brochures don’t stop with the engagement they bring. Instead, the long list of benefits continues with the many components they are made up of. 

At PrintAVizion we work to ensure each product is made with the highest quality technology. Our video brochure components include:

Vibrant Printed Brochures

Our video brochures are printed to encompass everything you want your audience to know. Each unit is completely customizable. Choose from matte or soft-touch lamination. Pick any colors, fonts, logos, or designs that you want included. Not only will the printing be clear and defined, but your video will be just as bright and vibrant. From cover to cover, video brochures capture the attention from your clientele at all times. For a technologically based advertisement, you want to have it be the best quality it can possibly be. Bright colors and a precise attention to detail will create an impeccable piece to captivate your audience.

Customizable Sizing

There are a number of dimensions and sizing options that can be used to create a remarkable video in print solution. At PrintAVizion, we offer an assortment of video brochure sizes. Standard dimensions include 4” x 6”, 8.3” x 5.8”, 9” x 6”, and as big as 9” x 12”. Customized brochure sizing is also available if you need. Our HD video screen sizes include 4”, 5”, 7”, and 10”. For over 10 years we have been helping businesses create success with video in print solutions. Trust our team to work with you to create the perfect video brochure!

Volume Adjustments/Controls 

Our video brochures are built with button controls. Our components allow for volume control as well as button to pause/play the video. This feature can also be used to control up to four chapters on the device. Recipients can replay the video as many times as they please. The button functionality on our video brochures allows for full video engagement. Let your target audience understand what you have to offer and control the way the hear and see it.

Strong Flash Memory

Our flash memory holds 256MB which is equal to about 5-7 minutes’ worth. If needed, we offer larger hard drives to get the job done. Our products are completely customizable in order to satisfy the needs of our customers. 


Instead of using an advertisement effectively one time, video brochures allow viewers to refer back to them as many times as they’d like. These products are meant to be held onto and taken off the shelf when it is needed. This is important when your audience needs to get a refresher on your product/services or needs to look for contact information. Charge cords will always be included with each of our units. You can simply plug these players into a PC or USB wall plug to recharge. Within only about 2-3 hours, your video player will be fully charged and ready to go!  

If you’re a business owner, you know how hard you must work to be one step ahead of your competitor. Coming up with new way to market your product can be difficult. Step out of your comfort zone and bring a new way of marketing to the table. With a video brochure, you are bound to leave a lasting impact and successfully present all your business has to offer! 

At PrintAVizion we work with you to produce a product that will truly WOW potential clients. Having your brand name heard and exposed to more people than ever is what will keep your business thriving for years to come. 

To learn more about our products, reach out today to schedule a FREE introduction call. Let us show you how our video in print products will give you an edge, increase your opportunities and raise your response rates.