Selling High-Ticket Items | Video Brochures are The Game Changer

Video brochures have always had a way of uniquely and unexpectedly grabbing people’s attention and PrintAVizion is the pioneer in the arena of Video-in-Print technology. Over the last 15 years, Video-in-Print technology has become more refined, advanced, and, more affordable in more recent years. Practice makes perfect…the PrintAVizion team members are experts in the industry and confident utilizing this technology as a resource for high-end marketing materials. Video-in-Print Technology is The Game Changer for Selling High-Ticket Items.

Of course, videos themselves are not new – But just think about the last time someone sent you down the YouTube rabbit hole. By using videos inside a book or brochure, you have the benefit of isolating the viewers’ attention to ONLY what you want them to see and hear, distancing your messaging from all the noise and clutter of social media. The possibilities of how these videos can be used are truly limitless. Video books are certainly the most popular way to leverage this technology. But PrintAVizion has also helped clients use them in everything from boxes of chocolates to business cards!

Here’s what one of our clients says about PrintAVizion and video-in-print technology.

“Now, what this is, is a business card size marketing piece. The prices of these things were just outrageous. They have since come down and you can charge them right there. There’s a charger port. It’s a video message, I can play. At least this one could play up to 10 minutes of video, basically, pop it open, and there’s a video message inside. So, they’re really, really amazing. If you have high ticket items that you’re selling, these are great for that because of the wow factor, number one, you can educate your market. And it’s just an excellent, excellent way to deliver your marketing message.”

  • Vince Palko A.K.A., “The Godfather of Cartoon Marketing”, Founder of Adtoons

Again, the possibilities are astoundingly limitless, and PrintAVizion will assist you from conceptualizing to design, to copywriting and implementation. the PrintAVizion team prides itself on finding unique ways to help grow businesses through extremely powerful marketing strategies.

The simple fact that you took the time to read this article tells us that you’re serious about your business. We are confident that PrintAVizion is the BEST way to kick your marketing efforts up a notch. PrintAVizion video brochure solutions are proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools that unite print, audio, and video into one luxurious package. Try our video brochures, video books, video business cards, or video boxes today! Devin Herz, Owner & Founder, would love to learn more about your business. He and his team run a visual marketing agency and are masters of ROI-based direct marketing solutions. PrintAVizion video brochure solutions have been proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools that unite print, goals, and how we may partner to make it happen!

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Devin Herz and his team also operate a visual marketing agency, Dynamic Marketing Consultants, and are masters of ROI-based direct marketing solutions. On top of being an Amazon Best Selling Author, his company won two Addy Awards, once for a Dairy Queen marketing campaign and another for Exeter International. No matter if you go with PrintAVizion products or Dynamic Marketing Consultants for your marketing needs, you can be assured our top priority is making you the hero and your company the top choice for your clients.

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