By now you’ve likely seen or heard about video brochures and video books, two revolutionary marketing tools that are very effective at creating a personal connection with your customers. Video brochures have become a huge trend in the last few years. Video books are a newer concept, and they can be effective when you want to deliver content without the distractions that are inherent with social media video ads. If you’ve thought about creating either of these for your business but think they are out of budget, think again! One of the most common questions we get is, “how much does a video book or video brochure cost? Let us break it down for you, but first things first.

What is PrintAVizion and Why Should I Care?

PrintAVizion is the most effective marketing solution that affords thin LCD screens to be built into just about anything. Video in Print products such as Video brochures, hardbound video books, video postcards, and even video business cards combine video, audio, and print to reach and WOW your target audience.

Video brochures aren’t just for marketing anymore; they’re a necessity!  Video brochures (or “video in print” technology) are the most ideal way to bridge the gap between traditional print marketing materials and today’s digital world. If you’re a business owner or if you sell anything to anyone, you’re likely regularly looking for new ways to make a real impact in a world overloaded with marketing tactics. PrintAVizion combines tried and true direct marketing methods with new-age video technology to highlight your message and make it stand out from the crowd.

We utilize the latest technology and superior components that feature video screens that range from 3″-10″ diagonal, encased in vivid full-color custom printing. Choose from video business cards, video brochures, video books, video boxes to video POS displays. Every PrintAVizion player is rechargeable for more staying power and includes a hard drive for easy uploading of your video(s).

Supercharge your project with our in-house marketing consultants, design & video creative team, and mail fulfillment team. Experience the power for yourself!

Now that we’ve reviewed PrintAVizion’s Solution offerings, let’s get to it –

Video Brochure Pricing!

When it comes to video books and video brochure pricing, there are many configurations. Choices of style, size, quantities, and custom options ultimately dictate the cost.  We recommend downloading our catalog for the most common configurations and current pricing.

With your marketing goals and ROI at the forefront of our conversations, we will guide you through the best options to make your effort a success. We are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive, and there is a major reason for this. Past customers agree product quality and the level of customer service we provide are second to none, giving you the best overall value with the least amount of stress.

Prices tend to range from $15-$60 per piece, depending on the level of customizations and volume of your order; as you increase the volume of your order, the price per piece goes down. When creating your custom video book or video brochures, the size of the screen will affect the price per piece, as will adding options like foil die-cuts, custom printing, and other add-ons.

Video Mailer Cost Suggestions

While it is tempting to browse low-cost video brochures and video books to buy direct from overseas vendors, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you value lower cost over quality, then gambling on an overseas purchase might pay off. However, we will warn you that ordering from unknown manufacturers can sometimes result in more stress, time, and money.

When it comes to quality – you get what you pay for. Most times, the cost is too good to be true.

Potential language barrier issues if something went wrong with the order, how difficult could it be to rectify it?

High shipping rates – especially when you purchase in large quantities, it’s often unwise and expensive to do it that way.

The PrintAVizion team has been perfecting this technology for over 10 years as one of the pioneers to bring video in print to the USA.

Our clients are our top priority – that is why we use the highest quality components, state-of-the-art printing and we guarantee our work. With over 500,000 units produced, we know what we are doing and pride ourselves on providing you with a remarkable experience.

Our parent company, DMC, is well equipped to provide shipping, addressing, hand assembly, vibrant packaging solutions, and shipping on mailings of 50 contacts or more!

Supercharge Your PrintAVizion Project with help from DMC, an award-winning marketing team!

  • Marketing Strategy
    • Backed by a successful marketing agency that has 25+ years of experience.
  • Graphic Design
    • Stand out from the competition with eye-catching, attention-grabbing graphic design.
  • Copywriting
    • Give your product or service a message that holds your prospect’s interest.
  • Script Writing
    • Develop creative scripts with your goals in mind to generate the most impact and optimal results.
  • Video Editing
    • Supply us your raw video and we will add the details, graphics, audio, and editing.
  • Videography
    • Our creative team will help you add punch to your PrintAVizion project.
  • Mail Fulfillment
    • We are a full-service marketing, print, and mail fulfillment company.

Overall Video in Print Cost?

While you may find yourself facing sticker shock when creating a custom video book or video brochure order, take a moment to think about what your customer is worth.

  If you were to spend $50 per prospect, is it worth it if you close 1 out of 10 prospects? What if that prospect you closed continues to purchase from you each month or adds on another service you offer? Or better yet, what if that 1 prospect, refers you to 10 friends?

 That singular cost of $50 per video book or video brochure comes full circle and is now completely worth it. Always keep the bigger picture in mind!

If you want to learn more about video brochure pricing or get a custom price quote on a video book or video brochure, don’t hesitate to contact our PrintAVizion team. Let us show you how you can spread your message in a way your recipients have likely never experienced before!

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We look forward to hearing your ideas for your video project soon!