The 4 Key Rewards for Using Video Mailers

Unlike other kinds of direct marketing materials, video mailers (commonly referred to as “Video Brochures”) will guarantee an impact on your audience because they’re much more personal than anything else out there! And, they’re guaranteed to grab their attention! Here are four key rewards for using video mailers:

Helps You to Show Up Different – Imagine your potential customers and how surprised they’ll be to see a video mailer in their mailbox. They’ll stop what they’re doing after they open the video brochure and talk about their experience with their coworkers, family, and friends for days to come.

Unforgettableness – Yes, it’s a word. (That I just made up) The traditional marketing brochure is becoming a thing of the past. For customers who are constantly on their phones, or even watching TV and listening to music with headphones in, it’s not enough anymore—they need something that will keep their attention long after they’ve thrown the competition’s traditional marketing materials away! That’s why we suggest combining an engaging video message with our glossy printed materials; this affords both visual impacts as well as auditory stimuli for a greater impression. The possibilities are endless when using digital media like ours!

Build a Loyal Customer Base – A video can help you do this in three ways: It allows the consumer to see and hear who you are, what skillsets or products that they have access to, as well as how they can contact you about these services/products. This will create an understanding of your company with the first watch. It also builds up your potential client’s or client’s comfort level due to visual and auditory comprehension.

Brand Strength and Endurance – Video mailers are a way for your brand to come full circle. How? Well, it all starts with the colors and logos you use in every promotion item. For an optimal marketing strategy, the design should be consistent across everything from website pages, to promotional brochures, to video mailers so consumers recognize your brand across the different platforms of advertising. The video mailer is just one small part of this process- but when combined with other elements like matching letterheads and a solid logo design, you’ll have created a strong visual identity!

At PrintAVizion, we’ve been assisting businesses just like yours find marketing success. Our products can be customized and feature only the highest quality video components, HD screens, flash memory, and are rechargeable. Our

team is also available to assist with creating a unique video to incorporate into your video mailer. We guarantee our work!

Count on the PrintAVizion team to work closely with your marketing team in developing the perfect video mailer for your target audience. If you haven’t yet utilized video marketing for your business, don’t worry! Our team of experts is equipped to assist in creating something truly dynamic.

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