3 Ways to Increases Response Rates with Video-in-Print Marketing

If you are looking for ways to increase the response of your upcoming marketing campaign, PrintAVizion should be your next call. Begin with a custom jacket design, add video, and BOOM! Your marketing campaign is now next level. Your sophisticated print material combined with video will surely create brand awareness for your company, leading to customer conversions.

Video marketing exists not only to boost your conversion rates, but it can also help people understand what you are selling. By explaining your product and service offerings in videos, your potential customers are more likely to trust your business early on, with the hopes they become long-term customers.

There’s a powerful connection between video marketing and SALES! The right campaign not only drives conversions but also generates repeat views and increases shares across social media as well. Video should be considered an essential tool for a successful marketing strategy. In a digital world, today’s marketers know it’s a highly effective way of getting results that last for years to come. According to Business Insider, video represents 90 percent of all consumer web traffic.

3 Ways Video Marketing Increases Response

1. Stimulating Visual Elements – When done correctly, visual elements like color schemes and themes have a great way of getting the message out about your product or service. Video Marketing makes it easier for people who were on the fence about purchasing to act now rather than later. Incorporate your company’s story and reasons WHY they should purchase, and this will provide an emotional connection.

2. Lead Capture – By inserting a lead capture form in your video, you can increase your number of leads by up to 20%. The interested potential customer will provide their contact information if they’re ready.

3. Video Length – Keep it brief, keep their attention. If the video is too long, the customer losses interest. So, make your videos short yet powerful. Grab your audience’s attention and include both problem-solution components to improve conversion rates.

Our team of professionals has years of experience in the field of video marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes. From full video production to a few edits on an existing video, look to PrintAVizion. Whether you need a standalone lead generation video for a landing page or several videos for a social campaign, we will create a unique video that will attract YOUR ideal customer.

Combine your new video into an eye-popping video brochure, and we promise, you’ll get noticed. PrintAVizion’s video brochures (as they’re commonly referred to) are the hottest tech products in the marketing industry right now. So, what are you waiting for? Our clients have seen significant success from our video brochures and now, it’s your turn.

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