How Video Business Cards will Help You Show Up Differently!

We live in a world where we can’t stand the thought of not being seen or noticed. We’re constantly on social media, trying to present our best selves and show up differently as we try to get ahead. Everyone is trying their darnedest to gain followers and generate more opportunities, well by implementing video business cards you will get a leg up on your competition. Here are 3 reasons you need to utilize video business cards:

1 – You Will Generate an Unforgettable First Impression

Video business cards are one of the best ways to make a great first impression and show up dynamically. Video is no longer something just for the big corporations, video is an essential strategy for small businesses as well. There are many studies available that show using video in your marketing strategy is a must and a video business card is one of the most dynamic ways to share your video message. There’s no better way to stop them in their tracks and instantly show that you care about being unique and take pride in your business.

2 – You Want to Stand Out from the Crowd

These video business cards will surprise the senses as your audience’s serotonin levels will increase the minute the video auto-plays in their hands. The full-color printing on the video business cards is completely customizable to highlight your branding, pertinent content, and contact information. However, the star of the show is the LCD screen that instantly plays your video and provides your viewer reasons why your service or product is the best choice.

3 – You Want to Be Remembered and Have Staying Power

Video helps people remember us better than anything else because they can see our personality come through vs. on a standard business card that just has static print. Video allows you to connect one-to-one with your viewer and gives you a chance to provide useful information, testimonials, and case studies from clients. The more you have your clients talking about you, the more credible you become.

PrintAVizion Video Business Cards are proven to be the most powerful and memorable way to introduce yourself. We will gladly upload your video(s) at the time of production and to make this solution even better, you can easily swap or change out your video with ease whenever you would like. The business cards are also rechargeable, so they never run out of power and have incredible staying power!

If you are ready to increase your opportunities, show up differently, and want to be remembered, then we recommend putting the PrintAVizion business cards into your marketing mix today. SURPRISE THE SENSES!

Are you ready to make the necessary changes to make your business card unique? You are guaranteed to be one step ahead of your competitors. Our PrintAVizion team is ready to surprise your customers with a unique video business card design! Contact us today to learn more