Client Testimonials – How Video Brochures Work for Businesses of All Kinds

PrintAVizion Video brochure technology has a solution for all types of business models. Don’t take our word for it, check out what clients of various backgrounds have to say about collaborating with PrintAVizion and its sister company, Dynamic Marketing Consultants (DMC).

Tech Companies Understand the Importance of Attention-Grabbing Marketing Techniques

Neil Smilowitz of NSA Computer Exchange Corp has this to say about working with us:

“The first thing that Devin Herz of DMC presented to us was the PrintAVizion video books. You have one opportunity to make an impression with the potential client. The video books were absolutely amazing, and we’ve used them to introduce ourselves to clients and, also to leave with clients. The video books had amazing results; we’ve started from the beginning with Dynamic Marketing Consultants and rebranded our entire image.” – Neil Smilowitz

Law Firms Get Creative with PrintAVizion Video Products 

Hear directly from Simone Fulmer of Fulmer Sill:

“One of the things we’ve used, at the law firm, which I just loved is the video books that DMC put together for us. We can get those in the doctor’s hands and then they can give them to their patients and say, “Hey, you might need a lawyer. Here’s a law firm that does this.” And it introduces them to us and our approach. – Simone Fulmer

That’s certainly a different approach from many attorneys out there. They’re spending millions of dollars on TV and billboards. This more targeted approach allows Fulmer Sill to be very focused, making more personal connections. Their tagline rings true: By utilizing this advanced technology, they’re certainly “not your granddad’s law firm.”

Next Up, an Example from an HVAC Company Using the PrintAVizion Video Books to Increase Sales by 300%. 

Listen to what Steve Mores of Dynamic Air Quality says about our solutions:

“We needed a tool. How do we take, the whole larger majority of the HVAC technicians, and get them interested or happily involved, making it easier for them to be consistent in a process of communication? And that’s where the video book came in.

Our product is not something they learn in trade school. Ours is a little bit different. It’s an accessory that they could be selling later on the service call. So, we must educate the contractor and the technician on how and when to introduce the products and services. That’s a process in and of itself. But when we present the video book to them, they get it. They understand the product and really have a passion for it. 

Previously, the technician wanted to explain the details to a homeowner but didn’t know how. Now it’s press and play. Just open up this professional video book – there are four videos, and it explains our products. It explains the challenges and then at the end it says we have some packages put together, ask the guy who handed this to you for more information. 

It helps the homeowner with the benefits of the product. That helps the contractor because his average ticket goes up. His revenues go up and it’s profitable, and the technician happens to get a commission for anything that he sells.” – Steve Mores | Dynamic Air Quality

Imagine the power of having video explain the benefits of using air quality solutions or any type of benefit that you have to offer right there in the homeowner’s hands.

The PrintAVizion solution spans a variety of industries that can benefit from its use. How about authors and speakers? 

Well, Jonathan Slain is both and he loves DMC and PrintAVizion. Check out how he uses them.

“DMC helped me create two of these PrintAVizion video books. Because I loved the Rock The Recession one so much we created a new one for me to use in my consulting business. What I love about it is that this impression is so powerful that when I mail this to a prospect, they have no choice, but to just see what I’m up to. So, for me, it just really tells the story. It tells my story about Recession, and then it also has my brochure in it. Everybody can get the info this way and read more about what I’m up to as well as they’ve got the Recession video. Dynamic Marketing Consultants was able to take the footage from when I was on Fox TV, when I was on Cheddar, when I was doing Yahoo finance, and they were able to incorporate all that in here.

I think it really helps to tell the story. And another thing, Devin Her of DMC and PrintAVizion helped us put together this video business card. What I love is that instead of us having a plain business card, like everybody else, this stands out. We’ve got one where you open this bad boy up and it immediately starts playing a video. I can let the audience see what I do. And as a speaker, as a service business, that’s critical. 

What I love about the PrintAVizion video book and Video business card is that in the past I would record a YouTube video and then I’d send somebody the link and nobody would ever click on it. I think just in this world, everybody’s so busy. We get bombarded by messages that people don’t have the time to click on a link. This forces them to watch the content because who doesn’t wanna see what’s on a video player when it gets mailed to you. And then I am positive that the first thing they do is they go running into their colleagues’ offices with my video book. And they’re like, “Look what this maniac Jonathan sent to me.” So that’s what I love is that just even if they only watch the first 30 seconds of my video, I know this impression doesn’t get thrown away.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading some honest feedback on how our PrintAVizion lineup of video products helps market a person or a company’s products or services.  Will you be next to grab your audience by the eyeballs?! Don’t sit back and watch others enjoy this success – ACT! Contact us today at www.printavizion.com to get started sharing your ideas and let’s brainstorm together.