How to Create Business Cards People Won’t Throw Away

Many times, when you think of a business card you imagine a small white card that barely holds up over time. Although we are told to give a business card as soon as we can, the reality is that we don’t know what the potential client will do with it. Some will say that business […]

Video Brochure USA Manufacturer

Often our clients often ask if our video brochures are manufactured in the USA? and our simple answer is no, but let us explain why. As Americans, we tend to focus on our local economy and purchasing goods that are produced here in this county. While we would love to manufacture our video brochures in […]

Utilize PrintAVizion Technology

Video Brochure

Are you looking for a new way to advertise your business or service? Would you like to have the upper hand on your competition? Are you tired of wasting postage and paper on traditional advertising only to have it discarded by current and potential customers? Would you like to be able to generate new leads […]

Email Vs Direct Mail – What’s the Better Way to Share Your Videos?

Answer these two questions: How many emails do you get a day? How many do you read a day? We’d bet that your answer to the first question is higher than the second. The fact is that in today’s technological climate, we get many more emails and notifications than we want to read. This results […]

How can Direct Mail be Digital?

Digital Mail? Video Mailers? Are those oxymorons or are they the next big thing in marketing? The digital age is upon us and consumers and business owners are being hit left and right with emails, ads, and pop-ups that they have to dodge on a constant basis. So how do we reach them and provide […]