What are the Video Brochure Components?

As we browse through magazines and newspapers, it is common to see pages of advertisements. But, as we have grown more familiar with these ads, we tend to skip over them. Vibrant pictures may catch your eye for a moment, but often we fail to continue reading that ad. Video technology offers more than what […]

15 Tips for Custom Video Brochure Success

Technology is a part of our everyday lives. Intertwining it with marketing is the most efficient way to showcase your business and services. This unique style of marketing can open the eyes of many potential clients.  Basic marketing materials won’t cut it in today’s digital world. A small piece of paper gets lost and thrown […]

Real Estate Video Brochure | How to Sell More Homes

These days, not everything you see online accurately represents itself truthfully. Pictures can be edited and distorted. Although you may fall in love with what appears in a photo, odds are the lighting was perfected and editing was done. In real estate, the last thing anyone wants to come across is a misleading photo of […]

5 Remarkable Ways a Video Booklet Can Increase Revenue

The marketing and advertising strategies that may have once worked for your business years ago, likely won’t be as effective today. If you’re ready to set your business up for a productive season ahead, it’s time to re-think your marketing efforts.  Video content is one of the most effective strategies available today. Is your business […]

Can Custom Video Greeting Cards Help Your Sales?

These days, everything has gone digital, even greeting cards are starting to fade away. Can you think about the last time you received a unique piece of physical mail that actually stood out from the rest? Typically, physical mail consists of many advertisements, promotions and food menus– which have become boring and monotonous. With custom […]

What LCD Video Business Cards Can Do for You

With an LCD video business card you can stand out from all the competition. The video business card has conquered the marketing world and you can benefit from using them like so many other successful businesses. In fact, video business cards may be just what you need to take your business to the next level […]

How Video Marketing Can Add Value to Business

Given today’s business trends, we know one thing for sure –solid video marketing strategy is must. Today’s marketing experts know that video content is the consumer’s preferred medium, and is, therefore, an important component of any successful marketing strategy. Whether you are a law firm, bakery, real estate agent or entrepreneur, video marketing can transform […]

How to Win Your Audience with the Ultimate Video Brochure

When a potential client is given a choice between listening to or watching information about a company or a product, they will most likely prefer to watch it rather than listening about it. Video, as a result, leads to more impact, increased attention and a better result. What happens when you combine the great potential […]

Why is Video Marketing So Important for Businesses?

Video marketing has skyrocketed over the last few years and has proven to be beneficial to businesses across all industries. In fact, Hubspot reports that 81% of businesses are now using video as a marketing tool. Video offers the opportunity to create a unique, tailored experience and can benefit your company in a multitude of […]

5 Advantages of Video Brochures: Why Companies Need It

video brochure

Are you looking for a new and unique way to market your business? As technology has developed over time, so have marketing strategies. Video brochures can help spread your offer or message in a completely different way. Pairing both together offers you an incredible way to reach your target audience in a way that will […]