The 4 Key Rewards for Using Video Mailers

direct marketing materials, video mailers (commonly referred to as “Video Brochures”) will guarantee an impact on your audience because they’re much more personal than anything else out there! And, they’re guaranteed to grab their attention! Here are four key rewards for using video mailers:

Selling High-Ticket Items | Video Brochures are The Game Changer

Blank LCD Video Mailer Card And Brochure For branding. 3d render illustration.

Video brochures have always had a way of uniquely and unexpectedly grabbing people’s attention and PrintAVizion is the pioneer in the arena of Video-in-Print technology. Over the last 15 years, Video-in-Print technology has become more refined, advanced, and, more affordable in more recent years. Practice makes perfect…the PrintAVizion team members are experts in the industry […]


How much do video brochures cost

By now you’ve likely seen or heard about video brochures and video books, two revolutionary marketing tools that are very effective at creating a personal connection with your customers. Video brochures have become a huge trend in the last few years. Video books are a newer concept, and they can be effective when you want […]

How Video Business Cards will Help You Show Up Differently!

Show up different with video business cards

We live in a world where we can’t stand the thought of not being seen or noticed. We’re constantly on social media, trying to present our best selves and show up differently as we try to get ahead. Everyone is trying their darnedest to gain followers and generate more opportunities, well by implementing video business […]

Video Brochures for Education and Training

Video technology is revolutionizing the time and money employers spend training and educating their employees. As companies often need to train groups of people, they run into the issue of easily bringing them all together. Video brochures can provide the perfect solution. The traditional method of employee training involves a lot of paperwork, logistics, and […]

Video Brochures in the Healthcare Industry

Pharmaceutical companies often find it difficult to convey the benefits of their latest medicines to doctors who are responsible for properly recommending them to their patients. Or, their actual connection with the correct doctor or qualified party is hit or miss. Medical representatives who specialize in medical machines and products share the same dilemma. What can […]

5 Ways Custom Video Brochures Make Your Business Stand Out In The Race

In today’s saturated markets, the business that stands out is the one that “wins the race.” It is said that 40 percent of sales occur after the 1st or 2nd follow-up, and it’s important to have unique tactics for proper lead generation. If you’re looking for a different and beneficial way to promote your business, […]

Reasons Why Video Brochures Are Great For Advertising

Markets are evolving day by day. To stand out several competitive measures are being taken to promote brand and product awareness. We need to obtain the attention of the mass population through both words and video. Marketing strategies are regularly changing, and stand-alone techniques are leading the way, keeping in mind Lead Generation and customer […]

Advantages Of Video In Marketing

Are you looking for a groundbreaking way to WOW your target audience? Look no further because we’re going to let you in on a secret – VIDEO is the way to make a true impact on your audience. In this article, we will cover some advantages of video in marketing. Bring Your Business into the […]

Best Medical Device Sales Tips

Creating lasting and deep-rooted relationships with clients is key for all businesses. Medical device sales are a unique industry that requires time and patience. In order to increase sales, you must put effort into making connections. Although it may be challenging, there are plenty of tips that may help turn your connections into conversions.    […]